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Jurdy® for childhood cancer


Jurdy® Shore videos

Jurdy and cast do 3 fun take offs of the show
The Jersey Shore for the environment 

Some of Jurdy’s awesome partners include:

perpetual happy-ness for earthlings everywhere

Jurdy’s soft side
Jurdy plushes and the Jurdy mascot are great companions to any event or cause.

Watch Jurdy the hero of happy-ness mascot with his friends in this “Must Beat This Cancer” video to raise awareness for childhood cancer! This video is high energy and is to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s smash hit, Can’t stop the feeling”! 

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This site is dedicated to my niece who is and always will be my inspiration to help make the world a
happy-er more loving place


Jurdy is the hero of happy-ness at work, play and in  schools & communities. Jurdy promotes smart choices, helping others, anti bullying,
anti-drugs, anti-violence and making this world a better, safer kinder place.  Get Happy!

Jurdy® Torch Relay!
Join Jurdy in spreading kindness around the world leading up to the Pyeongchang, South Korea Winter Olympics

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