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Non-Profit Mascots for a Cure Launches its International “Twist Challenge” Viral Campaign Featuring Chubby Checker and Jurdy® the “Hero of Happy-ness” Mascot to Raise Funds in the Battle Against Childhood Cancer


Tigard, OR (September 21, 2016) - Today, Mascots for a Cure (MFAC) announced the launching of its social media campaign, the “Twistin’ Away Childhood Cancer Challenge,” aka, “The Twist Challenge.” Entertainment industry icon, Chubby Checker, is joining forces with Jurdy® the “Hero of Happy-ness” mascot, in helping to raise funds for childhood cancer projects spearheaded by MFAC. Other beneficiaries of the campaign include Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Kasie Helps Kidz Foundation, and the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. Donations will be accepted at


Similar to other successful fundraising challenges, the “Twist Challenge” will leverage the power of videos shared on social media platforms and through email across smart phones, tablets and personal computers. Participants are encouraged to take the Twist Challenge with friends, family, co-workers and/or a mascot, and make a donation to MFAC. The launching of Twist Challenge campaign today also coincides with “National Twist Day”. September is also “National Childhood Cancer Awareness” month.


“I’m extremely delighted and honored that our organization is working with Chubby Checker, Jurdy, and other great childhood cancer non-profits in this fun and important campaign. Unfortunately, everyday, 36 kids are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. To underscore this fact, we are asking participants to twist for at least 36 seconds during their challenge. We think we’ll raise an enormous amount of awareness for these brave kids who are fighting a terrible, unforgiving disease,” said Derek Zinser, Executive Director of Mascots for a Cure. “The Twist Challenge is raising funds to attack every facet that’s important to these families -- medical research, family assistance, patient advocacy, awareness and bringing hope and joy into these kids’ lives and putting smiles on their faces.”


“I’m hoping all my friends and fans get involved,” noted  Chubby. “We want to see everyone participating for this very important cause.  Let’s Twist away cancer,” he concluded. “With your help we can do it.” 


“Making kids and adults happy is what Jurdy® is all about,” says Jenifer Jurden, CEO of Shout b cause, LLC, and creator of Jurdy, the animated and mascot character known as the “Hero of Happy-ness.” “Working with Mascots for a Cure and the legendary Chubby Checker is a perfect fit for Jurdy in spreading more ‘happy-ness’ around the world. This is only the beginning of Jurdy’s happy crusade and I can’t think of a better way to make the world a better place.”



About MFAC

MFAC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and their families battling cancer. Through its passion, relentless pursuit of its goals, and the power of mascots, it fosters hope, laughter, joy, positive memories and love to support children and their families affected worldwide. Sir Roland Braveheart is MFAC’s official mascot. For more information, visit


About Chubby Checker

Chubby Checker is an entertainment industry icon. He is best known for popularizing The Twist, the number one song of all time… and the only song to hit the number one position twice in two different years. The Twist is the first song in history to be number one for over 50 years. It will be the number one song until 2065 when Billboard Magazine nominates another song for that honor. Chubby also invented and popularized many other dances, including the fly, the pony, the shake and the hucklebuck. All of them exist in some form today on the dance floor, but it’s the legacy of The Twist that endures and secures Chubby’s place in history. Chubby continues to tour around the world and make people smile. Seeing him in concert you would think that doing The Twist is the magic potion for the fountain of youth.  He is an energetic, articulate entertainer.  His concerts are filled with people of all generations.  He is current…he is amazing and he explodes on stage getting everyone involved. Visit Chubby on Facebook at



About Jurdy®

Jurdy®, the “Hero of Happy-ness,” is an animated and mascot character created by Jenifer Jurden, CEO of SHOUT b cause, LLC (SBC). SBC helps companies and organizations raise awareness and effectively drive home positive messaging to their target audiences. Leading the charge through rallies and marketing communications is Jurdy®, a powerful tool in teaching children from all backgrounds how to make good choices in life. For more information, visit









Date: September 21, 2016

Contact: Derek Zinser


te: September 21, 2016

Contact: Derek Zinser



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