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perpetual happy-ness for earthlings everywhere

Jurdy’s soft side—plushes and mascot

Jurdy® is the “hero of happy-ness” and harnesses tremendous magical power in conveying the message of kindness, healthy choices and looking out for one another in schools, organizations and communities.

And now Jurdy is bigger than life… and smaller too!

Jurdy plush dolls are popular with all ages. They are a friend and reliable source of “Happy-ness” no matter where you are. They are great for corporations, organizations and schools. Check out these fun photos of Jurdy with their human companions helping with their happy lives!  Want a  plush, email us here.


The Jurdy mascot brings happy-ness to larger than life levels for humans! With professional performers, the Jurdy character is high energy and brings a memorable experience to any occasion. For school and community pep rallies, corporate functions and events, Jurdy is ready to bring happy-ness in a unique and entertaining way!

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Jurdy’s always in your corner

(check out this video.. Jurdy caught in action by the Jurdyrazzi)

Watch the Jurdy hero of happy-ness mascot with his friends in this “Must Beat This Cancer” video to raise awareness for childhood cancer! Donate now!

Get Jurdy for corporate and business events. We also have Jurdy programs for employee engagement