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Jurdy Torch Relay for Kindness

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Jurdy Torch Relay for Kindness

Students color in the Jurdy Torch Relay for Kindness
sheet and pass it on to another student to do the same.


PRINT THE COLORING SHEET and pass it along to friends!

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“Jurdy® Torch Relay” Spreading Kindness Throughout Delaware and Around the World Leading Up to the Pyeongchang, South Korea Winter Olympics


Inspired by the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea, Jurdy®, the Hero of Happy-ness, is launching a world-wide anti-bullying, kindness campaign on January 10, 2018 starting with the students at Shue-Medill Middle School in Newark, Delaware. The idea is to bring the State of Delaware, and the world, together in a spirit of kindness, by passing the Jurdy® Torch of happy-ness.


On January 10, Shue-Medill students will "pass"
(hand off) the Jurdy® Torch to each other.
"By passing the Jurdy® Torch, we hope to pass the idea onto other schools throughout the State, the region, and hopefully around the world! It will be fun for the students to see how far it will go leading up to the actual Olympics in South Korea in February," added Savage. The Shue-Medill student body will capture the Jurdy® Torch ceremony on video and challenge other schools and celebrities to spread kindness and the anti-bullying movement.


Joining the momentous occasion will be a variety of dignitaries from the State of Delaware. At the ceremony, Shue-Medill Middle School is honoring their students known as Jurdy® Agents -- classmates who stepped up throughout the school year and demonstrate anti-bullying leadership by helping fellow students who experience bullying problems and issues.


"Over the last several years, we have built an environment of kindness here and a zero tolerance for bullying," says Shue-Medill Middle School Principal Michele Savage. "With the support of the Governor's Office, we have instituted programs like the Jurdy® "Kind is Cool" rallies. The kids have responded overwhelmingly positively and it has resulted in less bullying, higher grades, a more engaged student body and staff, and a happier and safer culture and school environment."


Jurdy® creator and mom, Jenifer Jurden, states, “Kids have a powerful friend in Jurdy in that they know Jurdy has their backs. Jurdy’s message permeates the classrooms as well as all other aspects of a child’s life as the modern day hero who drives home the message that kind is cool. Our goal is to get the Judy® Torch to go viral as kindness knows no barriers.” Students from around the world can download and print out the Jurdy® Torch from the www.jurdy.com website in order to create their own relay and spread the kindness movement globally.

Color them in and challenge others! Hang ‘em, share ‘em, post ‘em!