Jurdy® on anti-bullying
Jurdy Pep Rallies  & programs for kids,
schools, communities and organizations

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perpetual happy-ness for earthlings everywhere

Jurdy® is the “hero of happy-ness” and harnesses tremendous magical power in conveying the message of kindness, healthy choices and looking out for one another in schools, organizations and communities.

Our programs offer a hybrid of cartoon character messaging, a live mascot with performers and clever texting acronyms with a twist to speak the childrens’ language.  Leveraging this age of characters and imagination, children quickly adopt this lovable character as someone who always has their back and is always in their corner.

We work and plan with educators on targeting specific topics and focus areas and can work within any budget.  Below is a small taste of all that we can offer. Just reach out!

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Jurdy on anti-bullying & kindness

Jurdy® pledge banners for signing to get student commitment to being kind and looking out for each other.

Jurdy Heroes Program -Students love becoming Jurdy heroes. These Jurdy hero sheets are then displayed around the classrooms and hallways/cafeterias for anti-bullying branding awareness .

FAM  t-shirts  with “got ur back” on the back are perfect
for Jurdy Agents in schools and communities.

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Jurdy hero certificates
to reward kind and leadership qualities in children in schools and communities

FAM car and fridge magnets
to brand your school or org commitment to helping kids form strong and healthy relationships 

Acronym Poster Series

Eye catching and memorable
anti-bullying posters.

We can create acronym creative solutions for any important topics to include substance abuse, safety, etc.

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Jurdy FAM stickers

FAM wristbands

Jurdy® merchandise
Jurdy has stuff to make you happy

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